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New Digital Tension Meter

DT tension meter with three display modes
One of the new products of Hans Schmidt & Co. GmbH stand is the DT tension meter. The device is equipped with a large display that automatically rotates in 90 ° increments to always have the best view. Three different display modes are available to display real-time measurements, min-max alarms, graphics (time-tension) on the display. The device is equipped with a new, force-reduced material catching system. For maximum accuracy, the material diameter can be adjusted and displayed on the display with a wheel at the end of the housing.

The device is calibrated on Schmidt materials. The user can now calibrate their own materials and also enter the names of these materials in the display.

To catch PEAKS of tension the the internal sampling rate is 8 kHz.
The "professional" series DTX is equipped with a memory of 60,000 readings. Four different internal programs for data collections are available. All memory data can be viewed and stored on a PC. Wire tension of up to 60 daN can be measured with the DT Tension Meter.

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Exhibitor: Hans Schmidt & Co. GmbH